Monday, March 31, 2008

One Leg at a Time

Once upon a time there was a pregnant girl who decided before going to bed one night to have a GREAT day tomorrow.... I woke up in the morning and took a shower, fixed my hair, did my make-up, put on grown up clothes (meaning not pj's)... it was going to be a good day. I sat down, made my to-do list, ate breakfast. I was ready to get started. The maintenence guys came by to do a few things around the house while I was getting ready to go grocery shopping, so as usual I stayed and talked for a little bit. They asked when I was due, and all those questions you always ask the fat women you see around. After standing around talking for a while I let them get to work. I simply asked them to lock the door on their way out and I left to go grocery shopping. At this point I'm feeling really proud of myself for being up and out before noon. I get in my car, turn it on, look down to see that my back pockets are in the front. I put my pants on backwards. I had spent two hours of my morning walking around with my pants on backwards. They are cargo pants so I have two big back pockets with buttons, on the front of my body. It was AWESOME! Of course I can't go back inside with the maintenence guys. I'd walk in and have to explain that I just need to switch my pants around. So I sit in front of my duplex, in the drivers seat of my car and try to as gracefully as I can, take my pants off, and put them on the right way. After succeeding I drive off and continue with my day, only slightly deflated from my previous state of elation.

I thought you guys should just know that I'm just like everybody else... I put my pants on one leg at a time. I'm only special because I do it backwards.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

stories of pregnancy

So I just realized that there are a few stories that you should probably know that happened throughout this pregnancy. Everyone asks about mood swings, or forgetfullness so I'll gradually add a few stories this week to entertain you and possibly make you judge me a little.

Rusty and I were doing laundry. This is usually a chore that I do by myself, but I had procrastinated until the weekend so we did it together. Well, Rusty wasn't doing it right. He wasn't putting the shirts like he should, or folding the towels like any idiot should. He couldn't get the socks right, basically the man needed a laundry lesson so I offered to teach him. For some reason Rusty didn't want to learn. He figured that I should just be happy that he was helping at all. This was not the response I was hoping for. About twenty minutes later we were folding the next load that had come out of the dryer and I was being very short with Rusty. I was working very hard at letting him know that I was not happy. I would huff out my air instead of exhaling like a sane person. I would sigh when he got in my way. I would roll my eyes when he said anything. I thought I was being perfectly clear that an appology was neccessary but I needed to take things to the next level to make myself heard. I decided to just be straight forward and ask, "So are you going to appologize or is our whole day going to SUCK?" Rusty very calmly responded with, "I'm sorry, what is it that I'm appologizing for again?" J-"(Big sigh) YOU KNOW!!" R-"I really don't" J-"Well if you don't know I'm not going to tell you" (really mature, I know) R-"If you're not going to tell me then I don't know what to appologize for" This game continued for a while until I burst into tears and yelled "I DON'T REMEMBER!! OKAY?!?! BUT I KNOW YOU DID SOMETHING AND I'M MAD!!" Rusty couldn't help himself, he started laughing. Thankfully I realized the humor in the situation and started laughing as well. We wrote that one off as a tie, and continued with our day.

Oh hormones...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here are the first pictures of our little boy. We have decided to name him Andrew Earnest Tounget. Andrew, after the disciple. Earnest, after his father (Rusty's middle name), his great grandfather, and his great great grandfather! So here's what we've seen of him so far. By the way I know the 4D picture is creepy, his face is smooshed against my uterus so his nose won't be so smooshy when he comes out!
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