Monday, July 28, 2008


hello everyone!! We've been without internet for weeks, so please forgive the lack of updating. Whoever we were hijacking internet from must have gotten wise ;)! So anyway, we're paying customers now and shouldn't have weeks with no pictures again. Here's the boy.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My White Trash Baby

Rusty, Andrew, and I went to Starbucks this afternoon because the weather was GORGEOUS. So, we sat outside while Rusty read for school and I read for fun. Andrew was hot so he was just in his diaper (we know it's ghetto). I thought he looked adorable so I snapped a few photos.

I know Rusty looks mad, but I actually really really like this picture. He couldn't hold it for long though and he cracked a smile.

These pictures just show how quickly my baby can go from one emotion to another. I love it. He's just like his daddy. (hahaha) I can't believe the chins he's acquiring.

I can't get enough of seeing my hubby with my boy. I am so incredibly lucky to have a husband who's so involved in the parenting of our child. I couldn't do it without him.

This picture is after we got home. Rusty headed straight to work from Starbucks so I had to carry everything in myself. Sometimes I use the carseat to help me with the load of stuff. Andrew fell asleep on the way from the car to the house and I didn't want to wake him up, so he held these books on his lap for about 30 minutes. Am I a bad mother?

summer heat cuteness

My husband doesn't believe in air conditioning... or he believes strongly in the ridiculousness of our electric bill. I'm not sure which. But, either way we are HOT here in the house, especially when nursing. So, I strip the kid down to his skivvies so we can both be cooler. Lately, he's been a bit fussy so I've let him snuggle more. Here are some pictures during our snuggle time, and after he fell asleep on me. I think it's funny how he can sleep in such seemingly uncomfortable positions. Check out how long he's getting. He can wrap most of the way around me now.