Tuesday, September 30, 2008


here are some pictures of Andrew in the same chair. I can't believe he's getting so big.

He's not even a month old here

This one he's a month old

Two months old

Today, five months old

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My favorite photos

I was going through all our pictures the other day and noticed that there are a handful of them that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE. I know they've all already been posted at some point or another, but I just had to put them up again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Out for Coffee

Rusty played hookie from classes on Tuesday and we took a walk to a nearby coffee shop. Andrew looked SO FLIPPIN' CUTE in an outfit my mom had bought him. I was sporting my new DARK hair. And Rusty was just his usual handsome self. So here's the whole family!

We just kiss and kiss and kiss our boy. He can't fight it yet, so we figure we ought to get our fill now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gorgeous Weather

The weather has just been PERFECT for the last week. It's been mid 70's all day long. Andrew and I had an afternoon out in the front yard and I took a bunch of pictures. He's just so cute I can't stand it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Here's are some pictures to lighten the mood. I promise this isn't going to become a blog about my political rantings.

This is my collection of all the people who like to sleep with Andrew. I think it's funny that everyone ends up napping with him.

This is my furry daddy! He did a lot of sleeping with him, Dad was here during the roughest week of Andrew's life so far. What a HUGE help he was.

This was the first nap with a grandma. He has snuggled with all of them since then though!!

This didn't look like a good idea to me either. But Andrew sure loves his daddy.

One of Andrew's Uncle Jakes. So stinking cute.

Aunt Angela and Uncle Jake. What a funny group. I can't wait until they've got one of their own to snuggle.

Dennis selflessly offered to nap with Andrew after dinner one night. I love it

After a long long trip, my boys slept almost this whole flight.

We love all of you very very much. I know I didn't get everyone's naps caught on film... Laura and Keith talked to Andrew about animals while they were here and let me sleep in, Mamaw wouldn't DARE take a nap because she wanted to be awake for every moment her sweet great grandson was in her presence, I take naps with him often but it's hard to take a picture of yourself while you're sleeping!!
Anyway, we love you love you love you.

Hit Man

Now here's an example of a man who should spend the rest of his life in prison... Doug Stanhope is a stand up comedian who is offering Bristol Palin $50000 to have an abortion, and leave home. He plans on setting up a fund for girls to have abortions in order to not "ruin their lives". This is what I would call setting up a hit on someone's life. This man should go to jail for planning, and paying for, the murder of a child. What is wrong with our country?
A girlfriend of mine who has had an abortion would tell you that she never ever felt right about it, and mourns the death of that child every day. Girls who have abortions suffer from severe depression and often infertility later, when they are actually trying to have babies. Girls who have babies and give them up for adoption will feel sad, but ultimately have a sense of satisfaction from growing a human inside of themselves, and delivering that child to a home of people who will love and care for him/her. Want to see some faces of beautiful children in need of a home? Check out These children are glad they weren't aborted. I promise.
Here's the article about our hit man:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lots of new Aunts and Uncles

Rusty went to high school with David and Lucas. The guys and their wives came to visit us a couple weekends ago. We had a really great time seeing them bond with our boy. Sorry it took me so long to post these pictures guys... it's no reflection of our time with you!

This is Uncle Lucas having a conversation with Andrew, Andrew liked it!

This is Lucas' wife Mandie. She dressed to match Andrew's diaper color. Aren't they cute.

They're going to be great parents some day.

I love how Andrew is looking at Lucas so intently.

Uncle David doesn't have a lot of experience with babies, but with a little coaching he did just fine.

This is a funny comparison of Andrew's foot to Lucas'

David's wife Emily was a nautral with him. I love this picture, their expressions are so funny.

too cute with Lucas

Friday, September 5, 2008

How cute!

These are a couple pictures i took the other day. He is laying on the quilt that Aunt Varnelle made for him, wearing the overalls Aunt Audine gave him, the onsie Grandma Snyder gave him, snuggling the puppy Audine gave him, and chewing the teething ring that the Knox family gave us!! It's a picture of my present with all the presents from everybody else!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Texas Continued

Rusty's Aunt Audine almost didn't let us bring Andrew home. We got to stay with Dennis and Audine for three days.

Andrew's Uncle Roy is a rookie with babies, but they seemed to get along just fine!

We went to Abilene and saw Roy's apartment, he lives like you'd expect a single man to live... classy.

Me and my boy sitting on the porch. Rusty was out getting a horse for Andrew to meet.

Here's the horse!! We wanted to put Andrew on him for his first ride, but Dennis didn't trust the horse.

Dennis thought he'd do the right thing and keep Andrew company for a nap.

He's a natural

Rusty's grannie, Andrew's Great grandmother. We got to have lunch with her and had a great time watching them smile at each other.

Grandma Vickie!! We didn't get to spend as much time with her as we would have liked, but they hit it off right away.

My boys sleeping on the plane ride home. When we got home finally we put Andrew down at about 5:30PM and he woke up at 6:00AM!! He was TIRED! We had a great trip and we love you all very much. Thank you for having us in your homes.