Saturday, December 6, 2008

a bunch of videos

Here are some videos. I've had some for a while, and one I just took today. These are for the truly dedicated Andrew fans. Don't bother watching if your not 100% in. They are BORING! I think they are riveting but I'm trying to be realistic as far as what other people will think of them.

This one is LOUD, so turn your speakers down. He is really really close to the microphone and squealing. It's really funny, but really loud. This was taken on my still shot camera so the quality of the sound is cruddy. It sounds really digitalized so don't be too snobby about our videography and you should still think it's pretty cute.

This one is our jumping baby. He's not in his pumpkin suit, but he's still pretty awesome.

This one is Andrew and his sippy cup full of water. The doctor said we can start giving him water in between meals if we want to. Here's one of our first tries. I think it's funny that all our pictures of him used to be with just a diaper, and now he's bundled like crazy. I feel like we live in Misawa again and it snows all the time. Except that it doesn't, and it's just cold because we're too poor to pay for heat above 65 degrees!!

This one is from today. It shows him playing with his infantimo buckets (I LOVE THEM). It also shows him getting up on his hands and knees a couple times. He's SO about to crawl any day now. It's two minutes of Andrew wonderfulness. Or it's two minutes of "why the heck is she still recording"ness. Your call. Oh and by the way, we call this form of motion "Hurricane Andrew". If he's not close enough to grab soemthing he'll corkscrew himself until he can. Very funny.

These are the buckets given to us by the Parks. The first time I saw these I thought they were cute, but probably wouldn't be real special. But I love them. The mouse's ear squeeks, the cat has a bell in it. All the little treats for the buckets have crinkely stuff in them. I love love love them. They are colorful and fun, and Andrew stays entertained for a long time.

Thursday, December 4, 2008