Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Photo Shoot

These are terrible quality pictures, the flash was WAY too bright, but his facial expressions are hilarious so I thought I'd share anyway. He's getting to look like such a big boy, except that the kid won't stinkin' get any teeth. I'm starting to think that he won't ever have teeth. Rusty says that we'll start to worry if he doesn't have any by fifth grade.

He clenches his sad little gums together and sucks air in and out. It's odd, and funny.

He pulls himself up to standing on our coffee table with ease now, and yesterday he started cruising from one side to the other. He'll be walking before we know what hit us.

I'm so sad this one is so washed out becuase it is his really excited face. He is expressive like his mommy.

I had to put my legs between me and him because he wants nothing more than to grab the camera right out of my hands. As soon as he hears the beep when it turns on, he's moving as fast as his little legs will take him towards the camera.

This is Andrew and Vaden. Vaden is three weeks older than Andrew. Melissa, his mom, and I were preggo together and it's so fun to see them together now. Andrew didn't respect Vaden's personal space, but Vaden handled it with all the maturity a 10 month old can muster.

Monday, February 2, 2009


how cute is my kid? Rusty and Andrew went outside to play in the leaves today. It was the most gorgeous day, sunny and only a little chilly. Our neighbor, Kelly, was outside with us and mentioned that I should take some pictures. I'm so glad she did because I'd hate to have missed this opportunity. What do you think?