Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aunt Lala

My sister, Angela came to visit last week!  We had a wonderful time cramming three kids, and three adults into our 800 sq. ft. apartment.  Even though Angela got a pretty killer cold for the last half of the week, we really did enjoy our time together.  Her son, Jonah is the one in between Andrew and Judah.  Enjoy the pictures from our week, and forgive me for not getting more.  I got NONE of Angela with the boys, and I didn't get any of Joyce when she was here either.  Please know that they were in fact here, but that my tired brain just never got the camera out when they were snuggling my boys.

This is Andrew in the adorable Cardinals shirt that Uncle Jake sent him!!  CUTE

That's right, we love Albert Pujols.

Thank you, Grandma Tounget, for the crayons and the markers.  I draw every day while mommy does the dishes.

And sometimes, if I didn't get enough breakfast, I chew on the crayons and the markers.  Yum.

Jonah, in Rusty's hat, with his gigantic blue eyes.

Judah's getting some lovin'.

My three babies.  Andrew did really well even though he had quite a bit of compitition.  We only had to say a few times, "ANDREW, do NOT step on the babies".  Or, "ANDREW, get your hand out of Jonah's mouth."  Creepy, I know.

I'm so cute in my animal pj's

Carfully supervised kisses.

Jake, I'm sorry we didn't get a picture of Andrew holding Jonah holding Judah.  Next time.

This is my Aunt Sandy.  Her and Andrew co-read all morning.  Joyce was holding Judah and I didn't get a picture.  We love you Joyce!

Jonah was learning an important lesson, guard your face if Andrew is around.

Andrew was gone, but the guard was still up.  Smart kid.  Andrew's very fast.

My sweet balding Judah.  We had a couple days in the upper 60's, so we soaked up all the Vitamin D we could get.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Me and my smooshface

Here's Judah all snuggly in his blankets.  Maybe even a smile...?

So serious!  Andrew was taking a nap, it's my only chance to take pictures of Judah without Andrew screaming some version of "CHEESE!"  He's a goof.

Definetly a smile. 

He's so HUGE!  His legs go all the way to the feet of the PJ's now.

Andrew was napping so I got some rare snuggle time with Judah.  This poor kid only gets held when he's being nursed.  He's so quiet that he gets neglected most of the time.

He could breathe, I promise.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mom's visit

I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to from mom's visit.  But the ones that I did get, I LOVE!  how cute is my family?  Judah is a GIANT!  Andrew is trouble as always, but with a cute short haircut from Grandma.  Mom goes home in the morning and we are very sad.  She's been here for the last two weeks and I hate to see her go.  We've had a good visit, and she was more help than I deserve.  The whole house got a big fat cold, so we've been pretty much stuck in the house for a few days.  Anyway, enjoy the pics of my boys and my mama.