Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy Month

This last month we have moved, had a toilet replaced, attended a Valentine's LOVE breakfast party, moved Andrew into a big boy bed, moved Judah into Andrew's room, celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, and not killed each other!!  It's been a good month.  Here are some photos to document it all.

Rusty took me dancing!  So fun.  It's what we did the first night that we met.

My first attempt at whole grain scones.  YAY.  I took these to the breakfast party

First time in the bumbo seat

the way we spend most of the days

my snugglebug

yes, there was a toilet in our front yard

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Days and Photo Catch-up

This is Judah and our very pregnant friend, Aunt Patty.  I thought it was too cute that Judah was all curled up on top of Anna Kate (Patty's soon to be born little girl). 

We had some really crazy snow days this week.  Andrew LOVED it.  He would stand at the door in the morning as say, "hno, hno, hno, out, hno".  Hno is snow, if you couldn't get that on your own.  Rusty went out and played with him while I enjoyed the snow from inside.  They found some kids sledding and Andrew had a blast.  He would sled down the hill and then hop up while signing, again? again? again?  I wish I had seen it, or that Rusty had taken video.  I guess we can all just imagine the cuteness.

This is our forgotten child.  Oh poor second borns.  We are so neglected!!  Judah is still doing GREAT.  He goes 8-9 hours at night, and hardly cries at all during the day.  Rusty and I have literally  forgotten about him during the day until he starts grunting again.  Very sad.  Andrew loves him with a vengance though.  I know that doesn't really make sense unless you've seen it, but he loves him so hard he makes Judah cry.  "Andrew, stop kissing your brother so hard" is an actual statement at our house.  "Andrew, if when you squeeze Judah your hands shake, you might be squeezing him too hard" Is another favorite.

My boys!