Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hebrew Alphabet Genius

Here are a few videos that show what Rusty does with Andrew every morning.  Dennis and Audine sent us some Hebrew magnets so Rusty and Andrew practice reciting them.  The videos are kind of long, but they're pretty funny.  Andrew has learned some of the letters to the point where he'll say them before Rusty does.  He also really likes the letter that is said, "mem".  Enjoy.

Monday, March 22, 2010


These are a whole ton of pictures that I've been wanting to get up.  Blogger has not been kind to me as of late.  I keep trying to upload these pictures and it keeps turning me down.  So the result is a whole lot of pictures in weird order and with no explanation!  We had some visitors, Rusty's dad Keith, Rusty's mom Vickie, we went to eat out with some of our very best friends Jeff, Joanne, Dennis, and Sally.  So if you don't recognize someone it's one of them.  Our neighbors and wonderful friends, Luke and Patty, had their baby, Anna Kate.  Their family was in and we got to spend some sweet time with them as well.  The first picture is of Cooper.  He belongs to Patty's sister Sarah.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.  Thanks for putting up with the randomness of this post.

My favorite picture!  We love you Uncle Dennis.