Friday, April 23, 2010

April Birthdays

What a GREAT month this has been. We celebrated Rusty's, Andrew's, and my birthday this month. Judah has grown a ton. I got to go to TWO concerts. One was Amos Lee, fantasic. And the other was in downtown Raleigh. It was a free concert that played beach music and had a dance floor set up. Both were birthday presents from my girlfriends. So much fun. I almost felt my age for a few weeks. Thank you to Jenny, Julia, and Joanne for making this such a great month. (I know all the J's are ridiculous, I promise I don't only make friends with girls whose names start with J). Here are some pictures of the boys, and the rest of us.

These were all down town. We listened and danced to the beach music provided by, Embers. Awesomely dressed shag music band.

The boys, sharing Judah's play mat. Andrew doesn't let Judah do anything alone these days. Including speeping (sleeping).

Andrew and I got creative with chalk and bubbles. Yeah Jake, I do his hair. We're going for the perma-bed-head look. It's in right now, I promise.

I've got a thumb sucker. Aunt Lala will be proud. I'm doubting he'll want his ears peirced when he breaks the habit though. We'll have to think of a more appropriate bribe.

We're so classy. We let Judah watch Andrew ride his bike up and down the sidewalk. It was hot, and he had already puked on three outfits. So, naked it was.

My boys and me!

He's almost as fat as Rusty was at this age.

These are all from Andrew's second birthday party. We had another cookout and all our friends stopped by for lunch. It was the perfectest day ever. As much as we are anxious to be done with school, we are so thankful for our time here, and the friends that we've made.

This is the bike that his Grandma and PaPa Snyder sent him. Very cool. Just like a motorcycle, but mom approved. Grandma Tounget sent an AMAZING, HUGE, Tonka truck that Andrew love love loves. But Every time I try to get a picture of him with it he's running behind it and pushing it. I'll keep trying, and I'll get it up soon. One that isn't a blur.

could NOT get a smile out of this kid. We may have super duper over exausted him with all the playing outside.

We love you guys. Thanks for checking on us!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Officially Spring??

I think Spring might be here for good!!  We are SO enjoying our time outside... in spite of my allergies.  So Claritin and Benadryl are my friends, as close as Andrew and Davison in this rocker.  How flippin' cute are they?  It was snack time so the boys crawled up in the rocker and ate together. 

Me and my little finger chewer.  I can't imagine that he is teething already but he knaws on those hands like he's starving to death.

May the Texas brainwashing begin.

We're SO classy that we let Judah dry out after a bath in the backyard.  Our neighbors are big fans of ours, I'm sure.

My bright blue eyed boy.