Tuesday, June 1, 2010


What a month!! We've had mom and dad come visit, separately! It worked out to have more babysitting time though. We had CRAZY weather. It was rainy and cold for weeks, and then sunny and HOT. Very odd. We had some days where we could pull out the pool, and lots of days where we made due with indoor games. Here are some pictures to show what a month it was. They are in a kind of mixed up order, but I'll do the best that I can to keep it all straight for you.

This is the football that mom brought Andrew. It was a bribe, and it worked. They played with it all week long.

Lots of naked pool time. Andrew was the only one streaking, so the neighbors didn't seem to mind too much.

My little cardinals fans!

Me and my beauuuutiful mom.

random. I know. This just shows that the sun was super bright on this house, but the clouds behind it looked menacing. Kinda' strange.

LOVE this picture of Andrew. Don't you just want to kiss that pouty little mouth?

He's almost too big for this bumbo seat. He's nearly bucked himself right out of it a few times. I just wish that he would learn to sit up on his own already so that I don't feel such a need for it. Keeping his head off the ground is a matter of safety around here. There are trucks and bikes a-flyin' around.

How sweet is this? Andrew hasn't slept on anybody unless he was sick in over a year! Papa shows up and he gets right to snuggle naps. Unfair.

Judah's hat is still a touch too large. But if large headedness is genetic, he'll grow into it any day now.

Sky diving practice.

We MATCHED! It was memorial day weekend so we dressed in our seersucker as an ode to the Taylors. They're our friends who always coordinate their family wardrobe for Sunday mornings. Lovely.

It is truly my goal to update more than once a month. So forgive my lack of posts. I love you all very much, and I want to keep you informed since most of you as so far away. Thank you for loving my family enough to check up on us.