Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Chaos

We're still alive!!  Judah survived his assault by his brother, Andrew survived the wrath of his mother, Rusty survived the hormonal swings, caused by the weaning of Judah, of his wife, and I survived all of the above!

I do apologize for not updating more often.  I also apologize for not writing more. It's the best I can do sometimes to just get some unordered pictures up.  However, I plan to write more often.  I hope to entertain you with the stories that flow naturally from the raising of two boys.  If you feel that I am too wordy at times, feel free to skim. Today, I will catch up on the missed time, with pictures from the last month or so.

Miss Jooya and Andrew, getting ready to decorate some cookies.

Julia is imitating what Andrew did.  Immediately upon sitting down to "decorate cookies" he took a big ol' spoonful of icing and ate it.  Yum.

My dad took Andrew on his very first ride in a convertible.  Apparently Andrew was the ideal passenger.  At some point he turned to grandpa and said "More fast?"

This is Judah, trying to scale the side of his birthday present from my parents.  What a face.

tired looking family photo.  This is why none of you got Christmas cards, my friends! ;) It's not because Rusty and I still can't get it together and send them out...

All of Andrew's fingers are in working order, I promise.  He just prefers to wear "daddy's gloves".

I love these kids so much it hurts me.  Seriously.