Friday, December 17, 2010

Judah got stitches...

Wednesday, December 15th, at 10:30, Judah received 6 stitches on his forehead. Here's the story, as I know it.

I had neglected to clean my house for two weeks, because Rusty was totally absent due to his 12 hours of graduate level classes coming to an end. Something had to give, and it was the cleanliness of my home. Rusty's last final was scheduled for 9 AM Wednesday morning, so we had made plans to do major housecleaning during nap time, that day. In order to do that, I needed to get the bedrooms cleaned so that while the boys slept, we could clean the rest. This means that I had to do a certain amount of cleaning while they were awake. Rusty left to do some last minute cramming for his final at about 8 AM. I did one bedroom while they were in their highchairs for breakfast (8:30ish), and the second while they were playing in the living room with their toys (9:00ish). This is when things go sideways.

I was upstairs cleaning the room that Judah would be sleeping in for his nap, when I heard the crying. I came downstairs to find him crawling towards me with blood absolutely flowing down his face (9:05... 5 minutes after Rusty had sat down with his final). There was a trail of blood leading into the kitchen. I started saying, "oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no" I scooped him up and ran into the kitchen to get a towel for his head. The blood trail led to the kitchen where the oven rack that I had pulled out of the oven, in order to cook our Thanksgiving turkey, was sitting on the floor. Andrew has been known to pull it out from in between my washer and dryer and lay it flat on the floor to bang on it to make some metallic drumming awesomeness. I'm guessing that in the process of swinging it out from in between the machines, Judah got caught in the swing. After getting the blood cleaned off I glanced at the wound and knew it needed stitches. I started hyperventilating. Out loud I started repeating, "What do I do what do I do what do I do". Andrew is saying, "You're okay, Judah! You're okay, Judah!"

I then ran over to my neighbor's house and banged on his door as if our building was on fire! When he answered I said, "I need your help! ummmmm yeah, what do I do?" Confused he said, "What can I do?" I threw Judah into his arms and paced like an idiot, trying to figure out what to do. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to find my phone. Finally Brandon just let me use his, and I tried to call Rusty. Obviously he didn't answer, because he had just sat down to take his final final. I ran around some more to try to find my phone, to call the pediatric nurse line. When I found it, I called Rusty again and left him a message letting him know that our gracious neighbor was going to take me and the boys to the doctor to get Judah stitches. Rusty called back in a hurry. His professor, Praise the Lord, let him turn in his final, and come back to take it later that day.

Brandon kept Andrew at the house while Rusty and I took Judah to Rex Urgent Care. We got Judah to the Urgent Care office, and they realized that his head wound went all the way down to the membrane that protects his skull!!! His bone was not damaged, so we got out of the X-ray, but he got 1 internal stitch, and 5 external stitches. The horrible baby straight jacket was the worst part, as usual. But Judah really handled it like a champ. His mother, did not.

My hope, after FREAKING out with Andrew's stitch experience, was that I would be cool under pressure if Rusty wasn't around. I failed myself. I was an absolute moron. Thank the Lord for cool headed neighbors.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Candid Parenting

This has been a crazy house for months.  Summer school bled into the Fall semester.  Now it seems like it's almost over, and we're trying to figure out what's next.  I've been far from the perfect wife and mother these last few months... so I thought I'd share some of my candid thoughts on parenting.  Some of these have been Facebook updates, some have just been passing events or thoughts.  I hope they make you chuckle.  Maybe they'll show you that you're not alone, if you feel like you're losing it with your kids too!

Getting to the point where you tell your two year old to, "o-freaking-bey"... appropriate or inappropriate?? (Don’t worry grandmas, I know the right answer)

We were in and out a lot today so I've got about 5 houseflies as house guests. On my hunt I swing at one, and I miss. Me: *under my breath* "Sneaky little bastard." Andrew: "BASTARD!" Me: "oh, crap!" Andrew: "CRAP" AHHH! Someone put a shock collar on me or something!! I thought bad habits disappeared when you had kids.


I just turned around to see that Andrew had dragged Judah across the floor by one arm... bad parenting, or typical brother stuff? Either way, my neighbors just heard, what they probably believe to be a man, yelling, "NOOOOO"

Trying to bathe both boys at once, with no assistance = 3 near drownings between both boys, an unintended infant baptism by Brother Andrew, a potentially sprained wrist due to slipping in the urine puddle left by Andrew while I was dressing Judah, 2 clean and slightly frazzled kids, 1 pee soaked sore wrist-ed pissed off mommy.


Andrew just dropped a man sized deuce in the tub. Had Rusty been home I would have thought it to be the least funny prank EVER. Not my favorite parenting moment, thus far.


Andrew just soaked me while we were doing dishes, and I hollered out like he'd covered me in Napalm. When did I lose my sense of humor?


I hope you got a chuckle out of these.  I promise I love my children.  I'm doing the best that I can, and regularly put myself in timout.  Here are a couple pictures of the boys that make me happier and crazier than anyone ever has!!



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finishing out August, and the start of September.

These are the rest of the pictures from our trip to my Aunt Sandy's house!  What a blast.  Look at Andrew and the dogs.  He still is talking about those silly pups. "Judder... FAST! Mightee... FAST!  Hollywood... sloooow." HAHA.

 Here are some pictures of my boys in the bath.  They are so funny together.  Judah wants to crawl all over Andrew.  So we often hear, "pleeeze stop. pleeeeze stop."  At least he's polite, right?

 I'm not even a Cowboys fan, but I had to right this wrong.  For Texas.

 This is my friend Jessica, and me.  We jammed our tooshies into these toddle swings.  Lookin' good Jess.
 What happens when Davison Taylor comes over? Lots of boys... everywhere.

 Andrew's sweet little fat feet, in his daddy's shoes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

June, July, and some of August...

OH MY! It's been a loooong time since I updated this thing. I promise that when the actual fall semester starts that I'll be better. Summer has been wonderful and horrible all at the same time. We've gotten lots of visits from friends and family, which is wonderful. And Rusty has completed THREE summer sessions, which is the wonderful/horrible part. It has made for a really chaotic few months. However, we are that much closer to a degree and that is good. Here are some pictures of the family. I'll try and update more often now that things should be slowing down.

Beth, the baby whisperer, put Judah right to sleep.

The awesome mullet cut that I gave Andrew. I wish now that I had left it for a while before getting it fixed. Oh well, there's always next year.

Me and my wonderful bff, Joanne!

Me and my other wonderful bff, Julia!

me and my little boys!

Rusty's close-up

My close-up

Andrew's adorable close-up

Judah perfected the close-up!

POOL TIME! Andrew would LIVE in the pool if we'd let him. He'd eat lunch in there... the whole she-bang.

Judah's pretty happy to watch the whole thing. But he's a fish too if we're willing to hold on to the slippery guy in the water.

These are all from our Snyder family vacation to Tennessee. Thank goodness for grandparents! Ang and Jake were pretty great too. Andrew will pick up his cell phone every once in a while and talk to "Lala". We packed a special toy for Jonah, my nephew, and to this day he calls it, "Jonah-bear's". Very cute.

Judah is EVERYWHERE! This kid learned to sit up, crawl, pull up to standing, and crawl UP stairs in the matter of two weeks. He went from being very stationary, to constantly under-foot in a hurry. He is very funny, and love love loves his brother.

These are from our trip to see my Aunts Sandy and Joyce. Andrew fell in love with the dogs, particularly Mightee! We got lots of other pictures but for some reason these are the only ones that would upload. I will do my best to get the rest from Sandy to share.

Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy summer!