Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August on Time

Here's to being on top of things! August has been c.r.a.z.y. Rusty and I got to take our first real break from the chillins. My parents came in and kept the boys for four whole days. It was magical. I felt like we were dating again, except that we got to sleep in the same bed. *score* The boys loved having the g-parents here, and actually cried when my mom told them that we were coming home, because they knew that meant the fun adults would leave soon.

Rusty and I went to a crazy bed and breakfast. Literally crazy because the owner should be committed. Do not go to the Inn of the Patriots, unless you have a fascination with how Mental Illness works in a person running a business. In spite of that, we had a fantastic time just being together. I feel like maybe I've developed a slight case of tourette syndrome though, on occasion I felt like I needed to hush a non-existent child. odd.

Mid august was the start of yet another semester for Rusty, and he started his 15 hours of graduate level classes. *what are we thinking?* I actually look forward to the semester starting because even though it's chaotic, it's predictable chaos. I work better under predictable stress. We have all started our fall supplements of probiotics, vitamins, and cod liver oil. We're NOT getting sick this semester.

August is wrapping up and so far we're doing okay! Rusty has survived his first week of classes, I haven't killed the boys, and I've gotten started on a routine with a chiropractor that I am hopeful is going to fix my back right up. Fingers crossed for September success.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

July in August

My children keep on getting bigger, without my permission. Judah has started saying, "I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOO!" In response to our I love yous. Andrew talks, constantly. He has started making up stories, and songs, and games. It's hilarious. Judah sings "burn burn fire" (Ring of Fire) at every meal. They play together remarkably well! They also fight a lot more. Andrew can name all seven continents (even though he calls Europe, "syrup") and all four oceans (Even though he calls the Indian ocean the "Indy Ocean"). Rusty continues to teach him all the shapes that most people don't learn until middle school geometry. For example, he can name trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon, and so on. FREAK, I know. He has also mastered all the letters in the English alphabet, and the Hebrew alphabet. He knows the Greek song, but doesn't recognize the symbols yet (dummy). Judah thinks Andrew's name is Judah. So we're pushing him towards athletics. Here are some pictures. (yes, Judah buried Andrew in the toy box)

Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm in a bit of a funk. I hurt my back about 7 weeks ago, and it is still giving me a really hard time. The boys have learned that they can take advantage of me, because I cannot deal with them as usual because of the pain. My friends are carrying on without me, because they are young and healthy. And I am struggling with contentment. Every day I have to pull myself out of the pity party that I'm throwing and remind myself that all of this will get better. My back will heal, my kids will receive enough correction to go back to the somewhat obedient children that they usually are, and I will get the green light to go back to the gym with my girlfriends soon enough! My life WILL get better.

In church yesterday we heard about a family in Israel that is in the thick of some very serious persecution. Their lives are hard. Like really hard. They've chosen to stay where they are so that the people who persecute them will know that their faith rests on the one who will ultimately win it all. What a challenging story.

In short, I am praying that I will be constantly reminded that this world is not where my hope rests. It's okay to enjoy our time here, but feeling as though this side of heaven is failing me is proof that I've become too comfortable in what it has to offer. I'll pray for you if you'll pray for me.