Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interviews, tears, and stomach bugs

What a week it has been!! I think the the adrenaline from the big move has finally worn off, and we're left with the results. One of those results is HIGH emotions! Just the other day I was sitting on the couch with the boys, Andrew laid his head in my lap and said, "Mommy, I'm just sad because I miss my best friend." This was sweet and all, but what surprised me was that I started crying right along with him, and said, "I miss my best friend too, buddy." So me and Andrew had a little cry fest on the couch. That caught me off guard!

The other crazy thing is that Judah woke up with a stomach bug and was the sickest little sickie I have ever seen him be. Watching a two year old dry heave is enough to break any one's heart.

The latest fun though has come from my interviews!!!! Do you know how hard it is to make a resume when you've: 1. never had a full time job, and 2. been at home (technically unemployed) for the last few years? Hard. So the resume prep process was crazy. Then, when I finally got an interview I TOTALLY blow it. Well, that could be an exaggeration, but man, it was nuts. I already know that I'm the kind of person who absorbs and reflects the emotion of people around me, but when I land an interview with a very, I mean very, chipper blonde girl.... I surprised even myself. I have never heard myself talk so fast, with so many hand movements, and shark toothed smiles. Phew! It was the fastest interview ever, in every way. I will hear back in the next couple days. The next couple interviews went much better. I followed some advice from a friend, and when I found myself getting too fast I would take a deep breath and slow down. Who knew I was so spastic? *Again, this is rhetorical, no need to text me your response ;)*

What I think I've learned from my latest experiences with interviews though is that I should stick to what I know. I've been trying to avoid going back to waiting tables or bar tending, but I'm quite certain that it really is the best way to make money with a super flexible schedule.

Besides, the real goal is just to pay off some debt, and save up money for the next year before I go back to school! Yippee! I was telling Andrew that the two of us will go to school at the same time! I'll send my oldest off to kindergarten the same month that I strap on my backpack once more and attempt to blend into university life! I'm so scared.

Things are actually getting into a rhythm here in San Antonio. I am thrilled with the decision to move, and expect to have some fun pictures and stories to share regularly. These boys of mine keep things interesting.


Erik Burckart said...

Practice makes perfect with experience interviewing for a few jobs you either don't want or know you can't get can be good experience. Glad your move went well but I know we'll miss you and your sweet boys.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Erik! I keep telling myself that all interview experience is valuable... but I keep doing that horrible thing where you remember something, shudder, slap yourself in the forehead, and try to pretend it didn't really happen... yeah, that thing.