Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cousin Camp

We have a very full house right now! It's me and my parents along with my two boys, and my nephew Jonah!! We're calling it cousin camp, and it's some awesome chaos around here. The boys play like boys and we've had to kiss our fair share of bonked noggins. It's totally worth it. Soon Ang will be here with the newest cousin, and she can begin her life as the only girl in a world of boys. I am beyond excited.

I am doing my best to get good pictures of the three of them... but they don't hold still for long. I'll keep trying. Here's some evidence that we've got the cutest kids on the block.

The first attempt at making them hold still.

 To their credit, they were still here, but it was too dark. They are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (the anthem to my nightmares f.y.i.) before bed.

 Breakfast in the backyard!

I'll have more pictures soon. I'm snapping a ton, we're just not ending up with many winners. YET!

As a side note, I'M EMPLOYED!!! whooooooo hooooooo! Thanks for any and all prayers.

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