Friday, August 17, 2012

Picture Day

Before I delight you with the pictures we've taken today (you're welcome), I have got to tell you about this funny little habit Judah has picked up. He, for a while now, has ended conversations by cutting you off mid-sentence and shouting, Judah style, "okay!! bye!! Good Luck!!" You may not think that's funny, but I love it. I have no idea who he heard end a convo with "good luck" but it is now how I want to end every single conversation I have. It's just so friendly... but out of context... yet so final. I'm in love. The point is, Judah's hilarious. Moving on:

Advice from a super parent: chase your whiney child around snapping pictures... they love it! What? It says, FATHERS don't exasperate your children... mothers get to. ;)

Judah's the man.

This is his "keepers box". He finds a toy and says, "that's a keeper!" then he crams it in this box. He wanted you to see it.

He recovered from his fit. See? Brilliant parenting move.

The party moved into my room, where they remained the cutest kids in the world.

Now begins the series of pictures where Andrew tells me what facial expression to make. He's quite the director, as you will see.

Andrew: "squish face!"


 "normal smile!"

"This face!" *followed by a demonstration... I think I got it wrong*


"Puffy cheeks!"

This is his response after I show him each one on the camera screen. See why we do this?

Andrew wanted to take some... Judah didn't want to play.

My photographer/director. Genius in the making.

The pillow nest for kids. They've got a grand life, no?

Thanks for playing! See you soon! Good Luck!

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