Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Tell the Texans

Can Texan-ness wear off? I feel like maybe it can. I lived in Wake Forest for SEVEN YEARS! That is longer than I have lived anywhere, ever. Since I've been back, these lifers have been saying things to me that have been causing reactive thoughts that I'm not certain I should have, especially since I consider myself to be from Texas.

For example, I said something to someone about how I went for a three mile walk with 2.5 lb wrist weights on, and when I was done I was... and before I could finish she said, "Hot? Yeah... welcome to Texas." And I had one, immediate, NON-Texan thought, "Ummmmm Texas doesn't OWN hot, you know?" What? Where did that come from? And then, I was sitting outside with someone and when I finally got fed up with getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, the other person said, "Yep, we've got a lot of those here in Texas!" Again, "Ummmmm Texas doesn't have a monopoly on the mosquito population, you know?"

1. Yes, I know my thoughts are bratty, I do my best to keep them filtered.
2. Yes, I think the ummms.
3. Can I still call myself a Texan?!?

This is serious turmoil in my mind, friends. These traitorous thoughts could have a person kicked right out of this lone-star state! To remedy the situation I am getting my drivers license from the ever-so-friendly DMV's office as soon as possible. I'm hoping that'll kick start my boot wearing Jiminy Cricket.


Katie said...

Oh, friend, don't worry. Those are legitimately annoying comments. This lifelong Texan would be thinking some snarky "umms" too. Reminds me of new parent hazing... "Tired? Yep, welcome to parenthood." Like I've never been tired or worked hard before (and P.S. How does that kind of comment help ANYTHING?!). Whew. Glad you guys are back in the Lone Star State!!!!

Jessica said...

you are TOTALLY right about the new parent hazing!! How have I forgotten about that nastiness? "Just be glad you only have two!!" Yeah, okay, I'm sure your third child would be thrilled to know that's how you think of him/her. People do say some silly things. ;) Thanks for the welcome, we're glad to be back!

Katie said...

Ha! So true. Parents say the darnedest things. And Texans, too, it seems!