Monday, August 13, 2012

Jessica, Job Hunter

Seeking employment is terrible. Terrible. You have to pimp yourself out to all kinds of places you only kind of want to work, just so that you have a shot at getting one of their coveted positions. Grr. I'm bad at this. If I don't just LOVE something, it's hard for me to say I do. I know that maybe you people can job hunt without "stretching the truth", but I can't. The problem is that I'm not a good liar. I am pretty transparent. When I interviewed at The Buckle, I was looking around thinking, "I wouldn't wear 99% of what you sell in this store!! What made me apply here??" So when she asked me why I think I'd be a valuable addition to their team, it was rough. I wasn't terribly surprised to hear they'd "gone another direction". Today I had some good success though, I think! I had an interview with a manager who seemed to like me a lot! Unfortunately I'm pretty sure he was at least slightly inebriated, but hey! A job's a job, right?  Would you hire me?

I'm about 99% sure he'll offer me the job. I'm just having to nurse my ego, because one of the things that he said was, "I really need some girls behind the bar, and you're just what I'm looking for... older, and you seem like you could handle yourself." GAH! Did he just say that I'm old and tough? That's what I heard. 

Thank goodness for free room and board for the time being so I can afford to be a little choosy. I'm just still trying to figure out if I have to get a job this august so I will qualify for in-state tuition next august. There seems to be some debate about that, so I'm just trying to cover all my bases. I have a date with the Drivers Licence office next week, so I'll be fully Texan in no time.

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