Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long Awaited

Photos are finally uploaded to my very own computer! yay! These cover a bit of time so I'll go through them with you.

This was our neighbor baby, Lily! The boys loved her and helped me babysit. Judah, my bruiser, is shockingly sweet with babies.


The boys, on our front steps, reading Tin-tin comics with friends.

The patch of weeds that me and friend Kimmie tried to revive...

by transplanting (not stealing) grass/weeds from more abundant areas in the neighborhood. We did it by night the first time, then in broad daylight the following time. Crime makes you bold. ;)

Just because he's cute.

Again, they were helping with Lily.

Now we're in San Antonio, and the story is the same. The smarties play chess in my parents' backyard.

When you interrupt the kids watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on grandma's cable, and giant TV, you get once chance at a decent picture...

then this happens...

or this. No idea.

We have smoothies for breakfast.

These bracelets came in the mail from their best friend, Elijah. The boys are ecstatic.

* I realize that Andrew is always wearing his superman shirt. If it's clean, he wants to wear it. Pick your battles, right?*

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