Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Pictures Less Talking

My sister has requested some pictures. She told me I've been writing to much, and posting too few pictures. Here ya' go, Ang!! Happy?

When you look at these pictures, don't feel bad that Andrew is in almost none of them. It does not reflect our love for him, just a phase where he refuses to sit still for a picture. He runs up, smiles at the camera, then runs away. You can't even imagine how many pictures I've deleted of his hind end running away from the camera.

Also, please love Judah even though he's not very pretty right now. Kids are funny looking when those first handful of teeth come in. Yes, even your kids were funny looking when they had 5 teeth, even if you didn't think so. I love my little snaggletooth even though he's only average on the cuteness scale!

It wasn't this cold, but he wanted to wear his "baby pj's", hat, and mittens! At least he held still for a picture.

So now you know my children to be alive and well.