Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy May

This month has gone FLYING by. It's incredible how busy we've been around here. I don't have too much commentary about these things, but here's the amazing chaos that has had us spinning!

My sweet little Andrew man went to Rusty's last Hebrew Poetry class. He packed his bag with coloring books and quiet snacks and was just perfect. A friend texted me from class saying, "He's waving at me right now, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen." Yep. That's my boy!

Wednesday Night of Fun! We started a tradition this semester where Rusty "cooked" dinner for us and we did fun stuff. This last week we played ping pong, had pizza and salad, and a generally wild time with our friend Brighton.

 Naturally, Judah whacked his head into something at some point, and required snuggles.

Lookin' good, B.

My mom came to stay with us for Rusty's graduation, and to keep the kids while me and the man went to the beach for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! It was incredible.

I didn't post these two pictures before, but they kill me. For this one, Andrew is banging on the door mouthing, "Judah's eating all the bananas!" I went in to find that Judah was under a blanket, on the couch, with an entire bunch of bananas. What a sneak.

I love my heels.

BEACH FUN! Oh the ice machine v. the cooler. Our men figured it out and made a ramp with their big strong arms. Thanks, Rusty and Joe... our beverages were icy cold all day long.

Me and my girl!

They fished, dodged a creeper, and looked smokin' hot. Job well done.

We lounged on our towels... like champions might I add.

YEOUCH! This is my back after the first day. Dumb fair skinned girl.

Look at this beach! We walked a bit from the hotel and had the place to ourselves for hours.

Grandma went home today. :( Andrew, her biggest fan, was a little sad.

There we go! We're caught up. Life isn't slowing down for the next couple weeks for us. 
Hugs and love from the Toungets!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Grad School Graduation Number One!

WE DID IT! That's right, we! I haven't decided on my new title just yet, but Rusty is a MASTER! whoo hooo! We went out and celebrated last night, and today he walked that stage. One more semester and he'll be a master again. No idea what that does to a person. Here is some photographic proof.

Rusty finished up his final final for the semester at 4ish and we took off at about 7ish for a night with friends! Gotta' love having a Grandma in town.
 I love this picture of Judah! Andrew is being a puppy, and Judah is being... Judah. It's perfect.
 The puppy.
 My boys.
 GRADUATION DAY! Andrew packed his bag with quiet toys and snacks so that he could make it through the very long ceremony. He was a champ.

 Oh, the cuteness.

 This is Dr. Cole, being introduced to the boys' cars.
 They read the hymnals.

 Andrew yelled, "DADDY!", loud enough for Rusty to hear. 
 Judah took this of himself while we played outside after watching Rusty walk.
 The tyrant, killing time until the thing ended.
 This picture captures Judah too... He had just shoved his hand up my skirt and gotten caught in Rusty's robe. Oh, real life.
 Pictures lie... but I like it.

 Old Testament comrades.

Congratulations, graduates! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Meanest Mom in the World

I. Love. Cry face pictures. I have always been a fan of the baby pictures that aren't so posed and perfect, because life is far from posed and perfect. For example... this one of Judah.

I mean seriously... I love this.

And then this one from when Andrew was itty bitty.

Well, it's been a long time since I stuck a camera in the face of a crying child, but today Andrew was throwing a HUGE fit, with major crocodile tears. He was enjoying watching himself in the mirror while he cried, so I figured some pictures would be appropriate. If you can spur on your own sadness with a bit of narcissism, then I'm not going to feel bad documenting the moment. 

I know. I'm the meanest mom in the world.  I'm okay with that, because these are gems.

To make up for all the horribleness here are some happy face pictures taken just a few minutes later. So rest assured, Andrew recovered.